Help maximize your child’s chances of acing the OLSAT®! When it comes to gifted test prep, don’t risk your son or daughter being unprepared and underperforming on test day.

Your child must be familiar with test material AND be able to focus on test material for longer than the typical 4-5 minute attention span of most young kids. This book offers a chance to do both.

- Ensure your child has sufficient experience in answering the OLSAT Level B® nine question types, thanks to this book’s 170+ practice questions.

- Make sure (s)he has acquired the mental stamina to focus on test questions with the book’s OLSAT® Practice Test (the book’s “Practice Question Set”).

- Pinpoint your child’s areas of strength/weakness with the practice test answer key.

- This book is in black and white, just like the OLSAT®, and has 100 pages.

- Exercises focus on cognitive skill-building, reasoning skills, and problem solving abilities and thoroughly cover the OLSAT Level B® test sections: Picture Analogies, Picture Classification, Aural Reasoning, Following Directions, Figure Analogies, Figure Classification, Figure Series, Arithmetic Reasoning, and Pattern Matrices.

(Note: If your child will take the OLSAT®, please do not purchase our stand-alone COGAT® book also (they contain similar material). Instead, you should only select this book for the OLSAT®.)

Engaging young, creative, and boisterous minds with test prep material is challenging - that’s why this book features fun characters and child-friendly themes. Such engagement can help kids retain the information they’ll learn in this book – and then apply it on test day!

What are your kid’s dreams – to be a doctor, astronaut, or perhaps…president? Gaining acceptance to a coveted gifted and talented program or earning a spot in a sought-after, selective school could determine your child’s educational path – or even his or her future career.

Help your child dream big and take the first steps on this exciting educational journey and achieve their dreams. YOU are your child’s best teacher, and this book is here to help!

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